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Ocho Rios Night Life

Acropolis Disco
Upstairs in the Mutual Security Bank Building on Main Street is a local favorite.
(You'll find most of the city's nightlife along Main.)

70 Main St, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2633
Ocho Rios visitors really have just two choices for nightclubs—Jamaican or Americanized.
Amnesia offers patrons a chance to experience the Jamaican side of the coin.
Though the music sometimes drifts toward the international,
the local crowd is sure to make an appearance to help you have a great night out on the town.

93 Main St, Ocho Rios · 876-974-8759
BiBiBips keeps diners and bar patrons entertained throughout the weekend
with live performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
Bands usually fall into the reggae or rap categories,
and the stylish cliff-side bar attracts a good many singles.
The atmosphere is definitely casual, though expect a good mix from the chic crowd as well.

Bill's Place
A sports bar on Main St. which broadcasts all the big U.S. games via satellite television.

Club Memories
At the corner of Main St. and Dacosta Drive at the Town Centre Phone: 876-974-2667
The club varies from night to night based on the evening's theme.
Thursday is 'Ladies Nite,' and Sunday is oldies night.
Happy hour from 19:00 to 21:00 Friday. Dress code.

Fisherman's Point Phone: 876-795-0064
The potent cocktails and omnipotent US$20 all-you-can drink hard liquor special
make the terrace here an excellent vantage point for watching the cruise ships
pull out from the dock across the street.

Cove Theatre
Island Village Phone: 876-675-8886
For those craving the newest Hollywood releases

Jack Ruby Bar and Grill
1 Main Street Phone: 876-795-0768
Live bands and sound-system parties in the rear courtyard.

Jamaic'N Me Crazy
Main St, at the Renaissance Jamaica Grande, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2201
Jamaic'N Me Crazy occupies the number one spot for nightlife in the city,
especially if you seek large crowds, loud music, and a variety of drinks.
The club definitely caters more to the tourist crowd with its high-tech light and sound systems,
but a fair amount of locals also visit from time to time.

Little Pub
59 Main St, Ocho Rios · 876-974-5825
Little Pub attracts plenty of diners because of its extensive variety of expertly prepared dishes,
but just as many patrons come here for its selection of activities.
The diehard sports fanatic will always find a game or boxing match on satellite,
and there is always some form of live entertainment,
such as DJs turning out dance favorites or live Jamaican musicals,
for patrons at the crowded bar.

Island Village, Main Street, Ocho Rios. Phone 876-795-4643.
This is the liveliest place in town. Its three bars pack in the party crowd throughout the day.
Live bands often perform, and there's a whirlpool tub and a serpentine waterslide above the bar.
It also has a full menu of international favorites, such as pizzas, burgers and salads,
as well as local seafood and jerk.
The action heats up during spring break, with wet T-shirt contests. 9 am-11 pm.
Club nights Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 9 am-late.

Roofe Club
7 James Ave., Malard Bay, Ocho Rios · 876-974-1042
The gritty Roofe sends earth-shattering music across the roofs of town.
It's the place to get down and dirty with the latest dancehall moves.
It can get rough.

Ruins Pub
17 DaCosta Dr, Main Highway, Ocho Rios · 876-974-9712
A classy place for a beer or cocktail with a great waterfall as your background.

Shaw Park Ridge Rd, Shaw Park Hotel, Ocho Rios · 876-974-2552
Located at Shaw Park Beach Hotel, Silks welcomes tourists with loud music and plenty of dance space.
It is decidely one of the most popular clubs on the dance scene, even if it doesn't offer much else.
At some point or another, tourists always seem to find their way here to see what the fuss is about.

6 James Avenue, Ocho Rios · 876-898-1081
A local hangout featuring local ethnic food. A great spot to meet the locals and have a beer.
There's also an upstairs disco that's open only Friday to Sunday from 8pm till 2am.

Sony's Plaza, 50 Main St., Ocho Rios · 876-898-1081
A shopping centre cocktail bar.

White River Reggae Park
On main highway (A3) East of town, Ocho Rios · 876-929-4089
Infrequently hosts sound systems.
Also look for posters around town advertising live music or sound systems at Reggae Beach.

Around Town
At least once a week the resorts offer a full floor show with limbo,
fire eating and (more or less) traditional song and dance.

There aren't any casinos per se,
but many hotels have rooms with slot machines and video card games.
Check with the tourist information office on Main Street for locations and hours.
Glenn's Restaurant, which is 10-15 minutes east of Ocho Rios,
has slot machines, live jazz and good, if somewhat pricey, food.

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