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Environmental Issues

Preserving the environment in Jamaica is a very important issue to all residents and visitors.
With this in mind we would like to remind all travellers of the following:

Lobster and Conch:

It is illegal to eat lobsters during the mating and growth period April 1 to June 30.
It is illegal to catch or eat Conch between July 1 and Oct. 30

Divers and Reef Photographers:
  1. DO NOT allow your hands,knees,fins,tank or boat anchor to come into contact with any part of the reef.
    If you stand on,or touch the living coral,it will die!
  2. DO NOT litter in the sea! (or for that matter anywhere else). Your trash and debris is harmful to all marine life!
  3. DO NOT take or purchase starfish,conch shells,sea fans,coral or tortoise shell jewelry. Let them go on living!
  4. DO NOT molest,touch or spear any marine life. This endangers their existence and upsets the delicate balance ofthe reef's ecosystem. Spearfishing is destructive and prohibited!
  5. DO NOT cut up sea urchins for fish food. It is illegal as well as destructive. Starfish,conch and sea urchins are grazers. They eat algae from the bottom and keep the sea clean.
  6. Be wary when you are taking pictures in the sea. Remain conscious of what is going on around you, of where your console is and whether you are kicking up sand. Move slowly and do not rest on the coral.